EMS Medical Direction

at Hendricks Regional Health

Medical Director of EMS

  • Dr. Jim Nossett (MD1)

Deputy Medical Director of EMS

  • Dr. Jon Schmitz (MD2)

Hendricks Regional Health serves as a supervising Medical Control Hospital for 16 Fire/EMS agencies in Hendricks and surrounding counties.  We also provide EMS Medical Direction to Hendricks County 911 Communication Center and Hendricks County Tactical EMS Teams.  We are involved in all aspects of EMS, drafting and revising treatment protocols, reviewing and improving EMS care, and training/educating students, EMTs, and Paramedics.  We strive to bring the very best care to patients outside the Hospital environment.  We are a close knit group that strongly values personal relationships and ongoing team-based care.

Video from Hendricks Regional Health featuring Dr. Schmitz from May 2019: